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13 November 2017

Writing Cafe

A huge thank you to all adults who came to our writing café on Thursday, which was based on developing writing through the short film 'Made of More'. There were various activities to complete, and 5MW were all extremely busy drawing some great story maps, creating cloud finders and using them to name the clouds we could spot on the playground, and using research to make different cloud types from cotton wool.

13 November 2017

Planet Rocks!

Recently, we have been painting and decorating rocks to look like newly discovered planets, and then using them to write non-chronological reports. Keep checking to see some of the finished articles soon! 

18 October 2017

Investigating Roman Numerals

This week, we have been investigating Roman numerals. Some of us used lollipop sticks to create Roman numerals to 1000, and some of us worked on some reasoning and problem solving challenges with twigs.

1 October 2017

Space Scavenger Hunt!

Our new topic is 'To Infinity and Beyond!' Last week, we searched our school grounds for the answers to questions about space. We had lots of fun whilst learning some interesting facts about the universe!