Lacey Gardens Junior School

Lacey Gardens Junior School

Where excellence and enjoyment go hand in hand

PE and Sport Vision and Aims


Here at Lacey Gardens Junior School, our Vision is to provide the highest quality PE and School Sport for all children, of all abilities.


We aim to ensure the following outcomes for our children:

  1. Children who enjoy PE and sport and have confidence to take part. They are keen to engage in PE and Sport and smile a lot!
  2. Children who are committed to PE and sport and make them a central part of their lives – both in and out of school. They seldom miss PE lessons, remember their kit and get changed on time. They show a desire to improve and achieve to the highest levels in relation to their own abilities and potential.
  3. Children who understand that PE and sport are an important part of a healthy, active lifestyle. They are physically active.
  4. Children who know and understand what they are trying to achieve and how to go about doing it. They have the skills and control that they need to take part in PESS. They are challenged and supported to realise their potential. They willingly take part in a range of competitive, creative and challenge-type activities, both as individuals and as part of a team or group.
  5. Children who develop personal qualities through healthy, physical activity and competitive situations. These include a sense of belonging, team spirit, pride, confidence, fair play, an understanding of the importance of rules and good sportsmanship.